Best Sprinter Camper Decor

37 Best Sprinter Camper Decor

When it comes to spending life on the road, cooking can be a hassle. If you consider every tool, gadget, and basic amenity in your home kitchen, packing that into a van with everything else seems nearly impossible. Opting for a portable grill, kitchenware bin, and wash bucket saves space, but it’s a pain to constantly take out and set up – not to mention clean up. However with a few renovations and a bit of creativity, you can have the kitchen of your dreams in a rolling home.

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Changing the way we think of van living, these mind-blowing renovations have the ideal kitchen setup any traveler would envy. Including stoves, fridges, kitchen sinks, and even counter top spaces, these camper van kitchen will have you considering life as a nomad.

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