Quick & Easy Bathroom Decor Inspirations

50 Quick & Easy Bathroom Decor Inspirations for your beautiful life

Choosing a small bathroom design and function for your entire family can be both daunting and exciting.

Whether you’re revamping your old bathroom or going for an entirely new small bathroom design, there is a lot you have to think about.

But worry not, I’ve put together the best time-tested idea guide for your next small bathroom makeover.

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As you read through the sections below, you will discover tons of brilliant ideas and tips that will help you plan the best ways to go about your update. From deciding how and where to start to find all the answers you need when looking to maximize space and make your small bathroom look roomier, it’s all here.

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The most important upgrade you can make in your bathroom involves lighting. A Swedish study found that lighting, paired with the right color, affects mood. Changing out your lighting is not difficult or expensive to do, but makes a bathroom look fresher and larger.

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Older lighting fixtures and fluorescent lighting cast unattractive shadows and odd color hues on your skin. If changing a fixture isn’t possible, you can upgrade the bulb with some of the new fluorescent bulbs that are similar in color warmth to the light cast on a bright, sunny day.

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Once you’ve upgraded the lighting quality of your bathroom, paint is the next quick and easy upgrade to the bathroom. Pick light colors for large surfaces like the walls and save the darker, richer tones for accents. Check how your color choices look in your upgraded lighting before you paint, since color temperature can change a color’s shade.

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Set a weekend aside, invite friends over and try a few of these ideas to give your bathroom a facelift.

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