Best Living Room Furniture Gallery

55 Best Living Room Furniture Gallery Photos Inspiration

The living room is often the first room that visitors see when they walk through your front door, and the space sets the tone for how guests feel about the rest of your home. Your living room is also a place for entertaining friends and relaxing with family and its design should reflect that.

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While making the space physically larger would involve expensive remodeling, there are many ways to make the room look bigger that are simple to execute and budget friendly. Check out the following easy-to-do and creative living room decorating ideas.

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Focus on the Floor

The floor takes up a significant amount of square footage and thus is one of the most high impact spaces in your living room. Ue one flooring material, such as wood or carpet, throughout your living room and adjoining rooms to visually expand the space and create flow with your design. In that same vein, avoid interrupting the eye with contrasting floor coverings. Use sofas and cabinets with legs, so the floor fades under the furniture rather than stopping suddenly at a wall of wood or fabric

  • Take Advantage of the Walls

  • Arrange for Traffic Flow

  • Add a Focal Point

  • Use Mirrors to Reflect Light

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