The Perfect Way Campervan Interior Design Ideas

The Perfect Way Campervan Interior Design Ideas (8)
The Perfect Way Campervan Interior Design Ideas (8)

If you’re thinking of converting a van into a campervan, you need to decide on your layout. The perfect way to figure out how you would like to create your new mini home is to find inspiration from others who have done it

The van is a versatile road vehicle for transportation of people and supplies for most of us, but some individuals who devoted their careers to traveling; it’s a home and a way of life. The really great thing about the camper van is it gives you the freedom to travel wherever and whenever you want. When you are living in a van, it’s really important to keep things organized and minimize your belongings. Otherwise things can rapidly get out of hand. That’s why it’s vital to use every inch of free space accordingly.


You can take a different approach on how you want camper van to be design, if you have kids you have to consider a adding another bed or two or if you are planning on spending a lot of time standing up and doing domestic task like cooking, than maybe a deployable kitchen for the outdoor is the best choice. The interior design also plays a factor in your daily atmosphere. Whether you are going for a more traditional cozy look or you prefer a modern indoor-outdoor style. To some extent, the budget can play a factor in limiting your imagination, but with a little creativity and effort, you can formulate a solution.
Features of your camper van to consider
Bed platform and storage

Building a bed platform and raising the bed from the ground is the most basic and suitable option for any type of van. The empty space underneath the bed is ideal for any type of storage needed. You can also utilize the space between the bed and the van walls, by building shelves and cup holders.

If you do consider building an indoor kitchen in the van, a small fridge should be essential for keeping your food fresh. A small ARB fridge fits perfectly between the two front sits. Building a custom frame with counters is a great way of saving a ton of space and having an easy of access. You can also consider adding a water tank, a stove and some extra shelving and drawers to deal with the extra kitchen appliances.
Overhead shelving and closets

Make sure to use every inch of vertical space possible. The high top lip of the van is ideal for either a closet or robust shelving. Adding dividers to the shelf is a nice way of keeping your stuff from falling out and organized. The rear high top lip may be turned into a pantry while the front one is ideal placement for a TV, while your relaxing on your cozy bed watching the game.

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