Things Besides Not Having Auto Insurance That Are Illegal When Driving

Things Besides Not Having Auto Insurance That Are Illegal When Driving

The majority of people are aware that driving without vehicle insurance is illegal. They’re also aware that driving while talking or texting on a handheld device is illegal. Furthermore, it is general knowledge that driving while inebriated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious misdemeanor. The list goes on and on.

However, there are several forms of driving behaviors that are less well-known.

The insurance industry has compiled a list of 13 things that drivers should be aware of. Many of them can result in a high-priced ticket, as well as a considerable increase in your motor insurance premium.

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Drivers, take caution…

What if I told you that

• It is illegal to drive while weary in states such as New Jersey, Arkansas, and others.

• Many states in the United States prohibit drivers from slowing down in the right passing lane.

• A number of states in the United States prohibit drivers from wearing headphones while driving.

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• You can only drive your golf cart on the golf course or your private property unless you install headlights, tuning signals, and other required add-ons required by state legislation for city driving.

• While it may appear to be a sign of brilliance, it is illegal to drive and watch a DVD movie at the same time.

• If you’ve been pulled over by a traffic cop, don’t try to get out of your vehicle unless you’ve been told to. Handcuffs may be slapped on you as a result of this criminal act.

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• Most American states make it illegal to drive a car without a bumper – (and claiming you’re only going to the auto repair – body shop doesn’t help matters!

• A traffic ticket will be issued to anyone who has a dog, cat, or other form of pet inside a moving vehicle without restraint.

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• Many states in the United States have enacted the well-known ‘Move Over’ statute, which makes it illegal to pass an emergency vehicle without moving out of its way.

• It’s unlawful in many states to keep the turn signal on if you’re not making a turn, which can be an issue for forgetful drivers who don’t realize it’s still on after the turn!
• High beams are intended to enhance visibility for cars traveling on rural roads. If you wear them while driving in traffic, you will not only impede other drivers’ vision, but you will also risk receiving a ticket!

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• Using cosmetics or engaging in any other form of personal grooming while driving is unlawful and considered distracted driving.

• Drivers who play extremely loud music from inside their vehicles will be fined.

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