What Makes The Gypsy Wagon Road Different from The Others?

What Makes The Gypsy Wagon Road Different from The Others (46)
What Makes The Gypsy Wagon Road Different from The Others (46)

Part of what makes the Gypsy Wagon Road different from the others, is the ability to fully customize your trailer. With a little creativity, glue and a screwdriver, you can have your own space, just the way you want it.

See what we have done with the new Sabbatical interior!

1. Pressed Tin Siding. Well, almost tin. This is a lightweight, plastic pressed to look like tin. Lenore used glue to adhere the tiles to the already primed walls. The plan will continue down the wall a bit to a shelf intended to be a kitchen counter top.

2. Mini Shelf. Some scrap Oak made a perfect mini shelf for tea tins, peanut butter, and snacks. Simply screwed together and held in place with two small “L” brackets. Seriously, took about 5 minutes from start to finish.

3. Wire Rack. Lenore scored this at a local decor store. You can shoot her a message if you’d like to know where. But your favorite shop should have something similar. Again, two screws and a drill got it installed in about 2 minutes. She’s got wine, chips, and crackers stashed in there.

4. Wallpaper. Sort of. This is paper found at a craft store. Cut to size and glued into place with craft glue. It’s holding up well so far! Adds a cozy feel & some great texture to the front of the wagon.

5. Hooks. These hooks are screwed by hand into the side of the trailer. Dog leashes, first aid kit, jackets, whatever your essentials are, they’ll find a home on a hook. Also, just because it’s a trailer doesn’t mean you can’t have art. Showin’ a little California Love wherever she may roam.

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